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Taking structural heart disease interventions to a new level in Iberoamerica and the United States.

What we do
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We are a group of physicians inspired by the career and leadership of Dr. Igor F. Palacios. We are committed to the advancement of the Interventional and Structural Cardiology field in Latin America through the development of education, training and research programs. 


We hope to address the void communication between North America and many Latin-American and Spanish-speaking countries.

We believe that through collaboration and exchange we can establish quality improvement programs in many Latin-American countries to promote best practices and raise the standard of care.   


We are committed to the promotion of training and development of Interventional and Structural Cardiology, through education, training and research programs, aimed at achieving excellence Latin-America and Spanish-speaking countries. 


We strive to become the premier organization that is nationally and internationally recognized for excellence regarding matters related to the advancement of the clinical practice, education, training and research in Latin-American and Spanish-speaking countries in the field of Interventional and Structural Cardiology.


Igor Palacios, MD
Interventional Cardiologist

Born in Caracas, Venezuela Dr. Igor Palacios began his steps in the health field by graduating with Magna Cum Laude honors as Medical Surgeon in the Universidad Central de Venezuela in 1969.

He completed the cardiology residence at the Unidad de Cardiología of the Hospital Universitario de Caracas. In 1974 he started a clinical and research fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.


Since 1980 Dr. Palacios has been involved academically with the Harvard Medical School in different roles such as professor of medicine and director of the Interventional Cardiology Fellowship. More recently started similar functions with the Baylor College of Medicine.
Throughout his career, Dr. Palacios's interests involve the study of restenosis after coronary percutaneous interventions and valvular diseases. Also congenital cardiopathy, and structural diseases of the heart. He has been a pioneer in new technics for the percutaneous treatment of structural cardiac disease and the training of new generations in the field.
Among Dr. Palacios mentors are John Powell Jr., MD at the Cardiovascular Research Laboratory. Peter Block, MD at the Hemodynamic Laboratory, and clinician Roman DeSanctis, MD. All of them under the roof of the Mass General Hospital.

John Powell Jr., MD

Peter Block, MD

Roman DeSanctis, MD

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During his long career, Igor Palacios has contributed to Latin American Medicine through teaching, investigation, and as a lecturer. 
Palacios has been a motor in the development and increase of the number of studies and research carried out in Latino-America and spanish speaking countries intending to bring knowledge to Hispanic countries in the field of interventional cardiology. This is the reason for the creation of the Igor Palacios Society.

Igor Palacios, MD
Copyright Igor Palacios Society.
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